Sunday Preview: Is the Packers+IBk Offense Enough for January?

+ADw-p class+AD0AIg-subtitle+ACIAPg-Also, the Chiefs need to jump on Houston early, the NFL makes more baffling officiating decisions, and two playoff teams manage to hang on to top assistant coaches (so far). Plus, musical guest: Rush+ACEAPA-/p+AD4APAAh— tml-version+AD0AIg-2+ACI –+AD4APA-p+AD4APA-strong+AD4-1.+ADw-/strong+AD4 The storyline all summer was the marriage between Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur. And it didn+IBk-t go away after the slow start for the offense. Or the midseason slump. Or the late-season struggles. As the Packers prepare for their first January game the question remains: Will the offense do enough?+ADw-/p+AD4APA-p+AD4-Let+IBk-s step back and consider what+IBk-s actually wrong with the Green Bay offense the

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